Trying new hip way to increase rank

Have you heard the rumor?

I’m fond of beating up the weak, I mean, providing weaker players with a gift of learning and giving back to the community. So let’s try it out.

On my last account within last 10 games I had an average rating 2.2d, swinging from 1.9d to 2.4d. Average opponent is 1.1d from 3k to 4d.

Let’s fire up new account, only 2k and weaker opponents allowed. 40 games for rank to stabilize and 10 games to measure.

And the result iiiiiis… 1.4d swinging from 1.1d to 1.7d. One stone lower but within rank variability due to weather, I’d say.


Great! How many games did you review? When I propose a teaching game, they tend to just run away when finished :smirk:

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