Trying to find a cool go table

A while back, couldn’t have been more than a month or so, I saw a short video about some people visiting a location with a really cool go table. I’m trying to find that video again, but I can’t find it…

It had two drawers on opposite sides where the stones where stored, with three extra compartments for captures and some personal items. The stones were stored is a grid that looked like those Ing cups, but it could be rotated, and the stones were then lifted out of those cups.
The table itself was coffee-table sized and had a board built in the middle, which could be flipped upside down if the drawers were open, to reveal a 9x9 (if I remember correctly). It was extremely well-made.

Probably it was a board stored at some go federation, and the video was shot by visitors. I’m not sure which language it was in, and I might have seen it somewhere on Twitter…

Anyways, does anybody know what I mean?


To the rescue


Thank you!!

Man, that table is awesome…

My memory was wrong, no 9x9 board!
And four extra compartments!
And not rotating Ing cups, but sliding ones!


BTW that was an accurate, vivid description, are you dreaming about this table as often as I do? :sweat_smile:

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It’s a very inspiring table…

I was having a conversation about furniture, which reminded me of this table. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I noticed the little plaque on the side of the board.


It looks like it was gifted by the Shanghai Ing Chang-Ki Goe Education Foundation.

Perhaps they’d be able to give a bit more information about this table! It’s really awesome!


That is a really fine table. I’d love to mimic the function in my own build, even if the form is currently beyond my ability to reproduce.


I believe these tables were designed and produced by the Ing foundation.

They are even advertised in an official translation of the Ing “Goe” rules. See page 56 of this document


how bout’ this?36c65ba4723f5df0262508f7ce1bcae7


The rectangular style tables on the next page are pretty cool too

This table can also be seen in the surrounding game film.


Which film? (I’m a bit braindead these days, sorry)

“The Surrounding Game” is the name of the film; it’s on Netflix.


I’m in Greece. :woman_shrugging:

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I’m in a dilemma now. Post further OT here or necro the old surrounding game threads…
Oh well, here goes:

If you’re very keen you could get the DVD… Seems sad that’s it’s not available on Netflix in Greece


I got the blu-ray. It’s worth it


But maybe not if its only for a glimpse of this table!

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It actually is a good film/documentary about Go though. Also the table is in the trailer video on the website at 1:39 and at 2:04.


I’m in Italy. Does that matter?
I looked for it, my Netflix knows the search key (it
suggested me while I was writing) but the movie isn’t there.

Different countries have different licensed content, this is the norm in most streaming platforms. And Netflix isn’t such a household staple here anyway. :slight_smile:

I saw that, currently, the movie is only available on their official channel, Amazon video used to have a license but not any more.