Tsumego for Beginners

Hey everyone. :slight_smile:

With the new Tsumego features implemented, I can only encourage everyone to try my puzzle collection. It features a classical set of Tsumego and I will extend it in the upcoming weeks.

I think they are very valuable, especially for Beginners.

You can also send Feedback and point out mistakes in my variations. :blush:



##Go try out Franzisa’s collection and give him 5 stars for hard work! :hearts:

I wouldn’t mind if you try out mine: http://online-go.com/puzzle/188 :blush:


Having done perhaps 8–10k Tsumego all in all (~3.5k of about ~4k on 321go.org, about the same number on Ootakamoku, then lots on goproblems.com and gochild, uncountable number of Tsumego on iPhone and iPad), doing the first 50 of @Franzisa’s Tsumego was a breeze, although 6–7 gave me some headache. Looking forward to do the rest … there are quite a few enjoyable and enlightening ones among them which I think I’ve not seen before, thank you!

But @xhu98’s Tsumego … phew :sweat: just looked a few and almost cracked up … guess I’ll have to postpone these until I have done a few thousand more of the easier ones :smiley: thanks anyway, I hope to be able, some day, to think about these without having my eyes turn inwards :persevere:


Haha no worries @trohde. My collection is a translated Chinese classic so the problems are actually pretty difficult…But nevertheless, they are gems to savor! :smile: