Tsumego practice issue (maybe? Kind of?)

(For the record, I’m making genuine efforts to like the tsumego thing, and do the tsumego thing. Since resistance is stronger when something isn’t really appealing, I’m looking for an option that really cares about my well-being.)

I know that the ideal way is to read it all out in my mind, but I can’t do that yet. Not always, but usually it helps me to place at least the first stones, to visualize my train of thought (not mindlessly clicking of course, this defeats the purpose).

I use the tsumego pro app, but it only lets you place the stone and think without responding with hint on, which isn’t ideal for obvious reasons.
I tried OGS puzzles, but thing replies immediately with W stone and right/ wrong, so I get feedback before I can contemplate on my thinking.

Are there some obvious settings that prevent this and I missed them? Any other suggestions that may work with a phone?


Unfortunately I don’t have a great suggestion, at least all the apps I just tried (Badukpop, Bear tsumego, Smart go kifu, Tsumego hero, Black to Play) behave the way you describe. I often thought that problem apps should be more flexible, specifically I always wanted an app that would ask you to show why you were wrong, in other words play out the refutation, after you made the first wrong move

Sorry not much help, but I sympathize

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With the Tsumego Pro app, you can place two stones (Black, White) on two obviousy wrong places away from the other stones, and then start exploring the problem.


Sounds like a case for a physical board and stones!


It does, if I actually jumped from joy in the prospect of doing tsumego. But I don’t, so “at my fingertips on my phone” is preferred setting…

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Roundabout, but it works. Cool idea, thanks. :+1:t2:

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