Tsumego rating app?

Does there exist an app that rates the difficulty of go puzzles?
In the OGS Puzzles section I often encounter collections with ratings that are (to say the least) unrealistic.

(Not sure if this topic is the right category.)

Lots of apps do.

Tsumego Pro has a mode where you do problems and if you win you go up in rating and get harder puzzles, while failing you go down and get easier ones. The level is kyu levels

Baduk Pop also gives levels for tsumego, endgame, tesuji puzzles but they’re level 1,2,3,4,5… etc rather than x kyu.

Then there’s the websites https://blacktoplay.com/ and https://tsumego-hero.com/ both have rating modes, which give the user and puzzle ratings similarly to the apps.

If you mean an app that could objectively assign a difficulty to a tsumego I don’t know.

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This is exactly what I am looking for: an app that determines the difficulty of a tsumego.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. I realise that what I wrote was multi-interpretable.

But maybe I can use the apps you mentioned to fine tune my tsumego rating skills :slight_smile:
I still go the feeling that ratings are not accurate. Sent my puzzles to a Nijmegen 2D, who commented that he had trouble with solving my 5kyu rated problems.
And with my wicked sense of humour I answered that I also had problems with those ones (so that he didn’t have to feel bad about it).

BTW: Check out tomorrow’s A tsumego a day :grin:

I deeply doubt it ever existed.
Something maybe a bit related too your quest, I know there is a good tsumego solver, which was written before the new AI age. If you could explore the way he does it could help maybe for solving what is a level of difficulty.
But I don’t have ref, I let you search this program, sorry.

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