Tsumego that occured in a game

I was reviewing a game with Leela-Zero and discovered that a position that I thought was completely safe for black was one move from total collapse. But it’s a pretty tricky sequence to read, and neither of us saw the move.

In this game, finding the move would have turned the tide for w decisively.

The linked file has b moving first. Sorry about that. It should be w’s move.

w-to-play.sgf (337 Bytes)


I unfortunately don’t see the variation, but it’s definitely true - black could suffer a lot of losses with white playing correctly. Although, with a little playing with it myself, it looks like you could end up with a series of ko threats to decide the fate of at least one if not both groups, so I am interested in the “correct” procession of moves (if there is a correct one) to see if it removes the kos I keep ending up in when I try to look through this myself.