Turing test for weak bots

This is a different topic than detecting human players cheating with bots. Has anybody tried to make a bot to better imitate a human kyu player in terms of time used per move? Human players get very fast during automatic joseki sequences and deliberate a lot before a strategic move, or when it’s too late, when they are about to lose a group. It would be nice to play bots that feel more human in terms of variable playing speed. They could also panic in byoyomi, or ask to retract a move once in while :grinning:


They could also need a 2-minute bathroom break from time to time.


With some chat sometimes like “are you sure?” or “can you play quicker?” or “did we play together already?” or…


If your best friends are bots, you may be a bot, too! Watch out for them blade runners…

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Ideally, you could choose between several conversation styles at the beginning of the game, such as Japanese Sensei, English Gentleman, Stereotypical Pirate, or Trolling Kid. The latter one will regularly write “loser” and “ez” and will rage quit as soon as you kill one of their groups.