Turn Indicator Bug - wrong number of games

I having a indicator bug which displaying the wrong number. I have a game that is completed but it keep showing up in my turn indicator (in screenshot below)

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I’m having the same problem since yesterday!


Thanks for reporting.

Could we possibly get a better screenshot.

What I can only see here is that the indicator says (1) and you’ve shown 4 games where it is not your turn, but the active game counter says 10, so where are the other 6?

Can you also provide a link to the completed-but-showing game?

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For me: note the 1 waiting for move game, but no games waiting for my move.

clicking on the 1 sends me to Tournament Game: 2023 Rounds Survival (95975) R:44 (stephan_ro vs thouis)

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in this SS, there are 8 in the counter but i only have 7 my turn’s games

the below is the game that keeps appearing when i click the indicator counter

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I have another example: Venskabskamp

It’s the bot’s turn, but in the web UI it does not show that there are any moves for the bot to play. In gtp2ogs logs there is also no indication that the bot is ever told that it should make a move, so it never does. Only way to find this game (from the bot account, anyway) is from the active game list.

I also had a reports recently from user VelvetBlueEyes that they were unable to play any bot games because the bots would never play any moves (including my bot). I also see no indication of any of their games reaching gtp2ogs on my bot, so I think their whole account is somehow stuck in a state where move notifiations are not being delivered to their opponents?

So it sounds like something is a bit fishy with game status notifications, and it’s more than just a few isolated cases. @dexonsmith you were talking about reworking the next move list, do you maybe have recent working knowledge of the backend to be able to guess what might be wrong?

It turns out that this is a “mysterious recurrent bug” that anoek can “prod the server” to clear, but has never been able to reproduce or explain.

anoek mentioned he’ll “do the needful” soon to clear the current problems, after he’s had a chance to look and see if any of the current examples help explain it.


Nope, I haven’t gotten round to digging in there.

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