Turn off all notifications?

Is there a way to turn off all notifications?

I thought I did, but I still get notifications such as “The computer has finished analyzing your game ___”, or “Person X is now on Twitch”, or “Person Y 9P is now in the Korean Tournament…” etc.

I would love to shut these all off.



That latter type of notifications are sitewide announcements. Frankly, I also think they are wildly overused and would like to turn them off as well (at least the twitch streamer promos). Unfortunately, I don’t believe that is an option. If I’m wrong about that, please let me know.

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I would love to shut them off too. Searched for it, but couldn’t find how to do it (maybe {not yet?} possible).
Notifications such as “The computer has finished analyzing your game" can be cleared in the top right corner next to your profile pic, but as soon as you start playing it fills up again.
Notifications such as “Person X is now on Twitch” can be removed by clicking x. But they keep coming back.
Have to admit that this is not ideal, so we have to learn to live with it (at least for the time being).


Additional related issue: The “x” button to turn these off is very small, especially on a phone or tablet. So, while aiming for the “x” (which is almost always) I’ll mistakenly click on the title, and end up opening a page I never wanted.
So, if these notifications can’t be turned off, how about a much larger “X”?


I agree!


OK, thanks; I just looked through that lengthy thread from late 2019/early 2020 about this very topic.
So, what was the upshot? Were changes made or are they still thinking about it?


Improvements are being worked on, or should I say a total revamp, but it’s a very detailed system and additional time is being taken to hopefully cover all use cases.