Turn off chat. How?

Tired of getting bullshit messages from my opponents about how slow I am. I’m a beginner, and I know pretty much nothing about the game.

How do I turn off the chat so I don’t see messages from anyone ever?

I’m tired of these rude ass players.


The moderators are 100% behind you! This behaviour is not acceptable here.

Please report such users (either by clicking on their name and clicking report, or by opening the right hand side menu from a game board and clicking call a moderator) and we will politely tell them to shut up, or take away their chat privileges if they have already been warned previously.

If you really don’t want to see game chat at all, especially during play, from the same right hand side game menu, you could try activating Zen mode. (Though please if you do notice offensive language do report it so we can reprimand these users)


I just lost a game because I couldn’t concentrate. I was completely winning, but zen mode distracted me. It doesn’t tell me how many byo yomi periods I have. Nor does it tell who is who.

Zen mode is worthless for turning off chat because it takes away all the important information from me and distracts me. I just want the the option to turn off chat, not zen mode.

This site pisses me off. Take a lesson from lichess.org.

Respectfully, we have one developer and the rest of the site is maintained by volunteers. We take a great deal of inspiration from lichess, however we are different sites in different situations. The ability to hide game chat does not currently exist. Maybe it could, maybe it should… But right now it doesn’t. I gave you the best available workarounds we have.

At the end of the day our community, despite your experiences here, is one of the best things about this server. If you want silence in your games, go play on literally any other server, I’ve never seen anyone send an in game message on any other server except KGS.


Well, now that you tell me to play on an other server, which one do you recommend besides KGS? I came here because it is the first result for “play go online”. But missing basic functionalities, like resizing the board and disabling the chat, and getting rushed and distracted by rude players let me know I should explore other servers.

I don’t want to talk. I want to play. I don’t want to be distracted. I want to focus.

I’m not asking for the world. I’m asking for basic features so I can play and learn in peace.

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It’s easy to hide a chat with whatever other window. OGS has a great community to share your interest on the game. And get some help when you feel you need it

For English speaking servers it’s easy to hide the chat on KGS too by reducing the frame.

There is a bunch of other servers with mostly eastern countries players, you can find links here in the main site.
Weiqi resources
Do try them at your will. Just be aware that they may be at times much less welcoming for beginners (sandbagging…)

Now OGS is whatever it is a full free service with no advertising for you. You can write your suggestion on the GitHub or even write the code by yourself. Not sure your last words are the best to keep people willing to do this for you.

Coming back to your first complaints, I completely agree that you don’t have to be annoyed like that. Now may I give you a few consideration about time settings for a beginner?
The first steps for any beginners is more “to see” as “to think”. Go is hard for everyone starting, and will take at least a year to get to a small mastery with a lot of dedication. So beginners are encouraged first to play many “quick” games as to spend hours on one.
Some players like to try to discover, tactics or even strategies on their own from the very beginning, but sorry if I disappoint you, that’s a very inefficient attitude for a go beginner.


AFAIK no servers allow you to change your board size or hide chat… And rude people are everywhere :man_shrugging: as I said before, if you want to see less rude people here just report them and we’ll sort them out :+1: good luck finding a place to learn Go that you’re comfortable with


After losing a bunch of games from being so badly distracted and frustrated, I managed to get lucky. My opponent blundered to let me back into a game after I discovered YET ANOTHER POOR FEATURE of OGS. I went to right-click the board to inspect element so I could change the CSS, and guess what? Apparently, right-clicking is the same as moving, so I ended up playing a -82 move. Right-click moves the same as a left-clicking?!?!?!?!?! Thanks, OGS.

Anyway, for those looking for some CSS to disable the chat, make the board smaller, and make it so that it is somewhat centered, you can try the following:

.chat-container {
display: none!important;

.MainGobanView .goban-container {
max-width: 800px;

.goban-container {
margin-left: 170px;

Make sure you put that in your CSS code and not your CSS link, which is what I was doing at first because OGS was frustrating me so much. And make sure the site you’re modifying is https://online-go.com/ For reference, I’m using the Firefox addon Custom Style Script to modify CSS.

Here’s what it looks like:

You can change the board size by modifying the max-width and the “centering” by modifying the margin-left. And if you do like the chat, you leave that part out. I’ll leave the chat on (by leaving out display:none!important), and, when I encounter someone annoying, I’ll turn it on by adding it or uncommenting it. My aspect ratio will be different from most users because I am using the Tree Style Tab addon for horizontal tabs.

I don’t have a solution for right-clicking being the same as left-clicking. Absolutely insane. What kind of user interface experience is that? On lichess, right-clicking cancels a move and returns a piece to where it was or cancels a premove.

Absolutely frustrating that I have to learn all of these things besides having to learn the game.

And @Groin have you absolutely lost your mind thinking that players shouldn’t think? I will do both. I will study some games and copy the masters, and create and modify my own tactics, strategies, and concepts. I think a hybrid approach is best. But, of course, it’s too early for me to know at this point, so I’ll see.

You are complaining about rudeness of your opponents. But reading your posts, I think you are one of the rudest, most entitled forum posters I’ve seen in a while in the OGS forums. I admire the OGS moderators for their patience in addressing your complaints.


@gennan This is why basic features are not added. They are so BASIC, and calling for them to be included is seen as complaining. Getting bullshit from my opponents is normal, but asking for a chat to be disabled is rude. Things will never improve with that kind of point of view.

I’m surprised the title is “Turn off chat. How?” and not “Turn off chat. NOW” and a shoo emoji. (is there a shoo emoji?)


I don’t believe OP is interested in being constructive, despite several pointers to how they could make their experience more enjoyable, hence I’m closing the topic.

The only thing I have to add, is that the front end of this site is open source, so if you find an essential feature is missing, you could program it yourself.

Good luck!


Final addendum, I went through all your games and managed to find the single occurrence of an opponent telling you to play faster. I’ve given that opponent a warning for it.