Two bugs related to a tournament

In this tournament:

  1. Currently, we are only in the first round, but one player already has two points, even though they only seem to have won one game.
  2. It is unclear how many rounds this tournament is supposed to last. Is there a way to find out?

I believe the first bug has been reported before, but I guess the underlying cause is unknown since it seems to be intermittent and difficult to reproduce. Hopefully this additional report will help to track down the root cause.


That happens when it is a swiss tourney. It determines the number of rounds based on the # of participants but there isn’t a way to tell.

For 1, it is a bug that is kinda random, but one could just tell the TD to fix it and then they should end up with the correct # of points.

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  1. Maybe the Tournament Director accidently changed the points for that person, you could ask them.
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I’ve notified the tournament director, however, I’m less concerned about just this one tournament, but rather about helping to track down this bug and fix it for good.

I doubt that it is a matter of human error in manually adjusting the points. This seems to be an actual bug, which has been noticed by others and reported here on the forums before (see Through the Years: Long Correspondence for instance).