Two finished games will not stop ending

I have two games, one with AlbertSN and one with Thimble, that ended long ago, yet they are not hidden from my game list, and I get the same notifications every single day notifying me that those games have ended. Another weird thing is that in the game with AlbertSN, the game says my opponent is AlbertSN, but it also says my opponent is albynew78.

Here are the games:

Oh that’s horrible. I’ll try and get this fixed up today - for an immediate fix for the spam issue you can go to and uncheck “A game ends” under your notification preferences, that way it wont send you those game end emails.

Sorry, I see now this post. I changed my username from albynew78 to AlbertSN.

Why not limit the number of times a player can use the ‘resume game’ after, say, 7 consecutive passes (e.g. max 3 resumes)? Then this would be impossible.