Two moves (22k 13x13)

why were moves 29 and 65 bad?

Move 29: saving this stone is useless because even if white takes it, he can still not cut you in two parts.
So you just make two points here while there are much bigger moves to play now.

Move 65 is not your worst move, trying to live and take space is required. Now I’m not sure you have enough space to make two eyes…

I left two AI variations in the game.

Simply speaking your move 65 allowed white to get access and eye-space and life in the corner. This worked because you let white play the forcing move at M3. You can prevent this by playing M3 yourself.

Your move 65 wasn’t bad even if it was game loosing. It accomplished something. The move just got such a huge score swing because the life&death status of the white group was on the razors edge.

At 22k you should not worry about these kinds of strategic mistakes yet. There is much more simpler stuff that you could focus on.

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