UI Idea: hide copy/insert branch

I suggest hiding copy/insert branch buttons.


Then we can move delete branch to place stone buttons. So this button group is about placing/removing stones. Hecking logical. Next group is about drawing, and the next about markers.


On my resolution it also has a good effect of making it more compact.

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Where then would you put / unhide the copy insert buttons?

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Nowhere, they wouldn’t exist anymore. No one would miss them. Some features gotta go.

I really, really doubt anyone uses them. At all. I would be surprised if even one person uses them. Sometimes fewer features is better.

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It was implemented following a specific request just over a year ago by the AGA and EGF to enable the editing of misplaced stones during a game recording, specifically during professional matches.

I do not expect it’ll get removed before anoek has time to think of and implement a more elegant solution for this problem, and he has quite a few large projects above such a job currently on his list.

To account for being able to correct for bad moves I implemented copy/paste of branches. So the idea being if they messed up, they go back to the move after they messed up, copy the branch (which copies the current node and everything to the right of it), go 2 moves to make the corrected move and then paste the branch. Then if they want to clear out the old incorrect branch they select the bad move and delete as normal. So slightly round about way of doing things, but it should be a safe way of dealing with edits since nothing is removed until you are happy with the state of things and decide to click delete.


Oh yes, this makes sense. I retract my suggestion then.

I’m still happy I made this topic.


I think anoek would be the first to admit it probably wasn’t elegant, but he had not a lot of time to find a lot of functional fixes for a lot of specifc problems both organizations were encountering on a new server which had never hosted such events before, so functional, fast, and easy took priority at the time over tidy, pretty, and elegant :slight_smile:

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