UI Suggestion: Remove Friend Button is too close to Message button

Recently a user mentioned having removed a user from their friends list by mistake several times, and it occurred to me that the two buttons are very close to each other in the interface when opening the menu.

Perhaps something which could be moved a bit in the UI, as I myself have nearly clicked the wrong button a few times when opening a message to a friend, especially easy to do so when in a hurry!


Scherm­afbeelding 2023-03-07 om 11.37.19

Is it only Message and Add/Remove friend buttons that are too close to each other?
The distances between the buttons seem to be (almost) identical.

Maybe a two column set up with more space between the buttons would prevent mix ups such as described by OP.

Or perhaps simply switch the Add Notes and Message buttons?


prolly better because simpler implementation.

I notice there’s no “Are you sure?” modal for removing a friend. Maybe that would help?


Well, if you could make that happen, the problem would also be solved, I think.