Unable to connect to notifications

over the last week when I open OGS it comes up with a box saying “Unable to connect to notifications”. Why has this just started a week ago and how can I start to get my notifications back.

Problem solved. By writting this OGS came up with a box which said enable notification, problem solved.

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Mmh yes but I get this constantly, even though I enabled (and in fact receive) notifications.

I always have 3 OGS tabs open. Home, Chat and Forum. It always appears in the Chat tab and blocks the entire screen (like automatch used to). Next time I’m just going to uBlock it if I can, because it’s a bit annoying. However, I’d like to know what causes this.

This is what it looks like:

I’ve just started getting these every time I go to the OGS home page. I don’t understand your solution. Can anyone help with this?