Unable to create new challenges from iPhone

Each time I click the “new game” link from the side bar the new game form is opened. Within a few milliseconds, however, the page seems to reload and I find myself back at the main page.

Any ideas? I want to play some games!

That said, I would obviously welcome any challenges from other forum users who are able to create such a thing!

If you are reading this, please consider yourself invited to challenge me to a correspondence game. May I recommend the following settings:

Initial time: 3 days
Increment: 1 day
Max time: 7 days
Pause at weekends: yes please :slight_smile:
Handicap: up to you

Yuck, thanks for letting me know i’ll try and figure out what’s going on.

FYI you might be able to get around this by using the chrome browser on your iphone, obviously not an ideal fix but it might get you playing today instead of a few days from now when i get a proper fix in for ya :slight_smile:

This issue persists. I am unable to tell whether or not the new game dialogue box is shown. If it is then it disappears too quickly for me to notice.

One point to mention is that it doesn’t reload just the main game page but only the page from where you click the new game link.