Unable to create new games or challenge people (solved)

I am able to play existing games or accept new games, but cannot request to play with someone.

Also, this happened after Natsu (Fuego) bot stopped responding to a game I was playing. Not sure if the two are related.

Things I tried that DIDN’T work:

Closing the browser and starting over.

Disabling all my addons that could possibly affect the site, including Noscript and Ghostery.

Deleting cache and history.

Things that did work: Same Browser on another device. This means it was not an account issue.

I tested again on this browser, same issue.

Finally I struck upon the solution, I logged out of the second browser and logged out here, then reauthenticated using Google and now it seems to work. Huh.

Problem solved.

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I frequently have the same problem. I use Google Chrome on Windows 8.1.
However I found a temporary fix for me is to delete local storage cookies from ogs.