Unable to edit group page

I’m getting

An error has occurred

message when trying to edit and save the group page where I’m an admin. Is this a bug?

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I just edited successfully a group page where I’m an admin. You may want to try again, the OGS website was a bit buggy about one hour ago (an AST didn’t start for example).


Thank you for the reply!
Unfortunately I’m still not able to edit the group page that I’d like to edit, and here’s a snapshot:

However, I was able to create a test group and edit the group page Test Group Function , so looks like something specific to OGS Title Tournaments leads to this error. Any suggestions?

There seem to be some keywords triggering the error. For example, I cannot edit the name of this testing group Test Group Function to contain the ‘OGS’ keyword, but everything else seems to be fine for that group so far.


Apparently some words are forbidden in the name of the group like “OGS” or “admin” but these words are allowed in the main body of the text.

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Hi @gamesorry,

Sorry about that, I’ve fixed the bug that was preventing you from saving changes, along with the bug that was causing the rather unhelpful “An error has occurred” generic error message. You should be able to make changes to the group page freely now, and I’ve taken the liberty of restoring the OGS text from the O-GS workaround text.


Thanks for the fix @anoek !

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