Unable to reply to group chat

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue/knows what to do. My local Go club has a group chat here, which I’m a member of. However, when I try to make a comment in the chat, my phone keyboard has a “next” button that skips down to the next area of the page rather than posting my comment. I also don’t see a “post” option on the screen that I can use, so as far as I can see, there’s no way for me to post my comments. For background, my phone is an Android.


its always possible to download alternative keyboard on Android, that has “Enter” button.

Unfortunately, this isn’t it. A keyboard doesn’t just have or not have an enter button. It activates an enter button when the input field you’re clicking on calls for one. It’s not like I can’t click enter anywhere. I only have this issue on OGS. Anyway, I tried a different keyboard just to be sure, and am having the same issue.

Need more info?

Fwiw when I try group chat, I don’t see a “next” button.

What browser and which Android?

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It’s the default keyboard on a Galaxy A51 (I also had the same issue using the Google GBoard on the same phone). Here’s what it looks like

And browser? Is that the stock “Samsung Internet” browser?

EDIT: Looks like all Chrome-based browsers have this “Smart Go Next” behavior. OGS can use enterkeyhint="send" in the input element to fix this.

Smart Go Next - the smart means “breaks existing functionality” :slight_smile:


Can this please be fixed, somehow? It’s annoying being unable to use the group page chats.


The “enter submits form (sometimes)” behavior is really confusing on desktop browsers though, I’m glad mobile is getting away from that.

Maybe the chat input just needs to be in a <form> tag to make it work.

Is that going to fix the problem?

My understanding is that the problem is functional, not aesthetic, whereas enterkeyhint reads to me as if it just changes the text on the button…

Reading around a bit, there seems to be a chance this is true.

I’ve submitted a PR … dunno if it will help… not sure how to test that :open_mouth:

(I put enterkeyhint in as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )


From the smartgonext link that @benjito listed above, it looks like it might fix the problem. Seems like the “feature” is triggered by this previously-aesthetic attribute.


:thinking: I couldn’t see what tells me that enterkeyhint stops the button from behaving like a Next if the browser thinks that the form is incomplete.

Lets throw everything at it and see what sticks :smiley: :smiley:


Yes, and so will putting the input in its own form. However, I think the aesthetic/semantic change of enterkeyhint="send" is desirable anyway.

It’s an implementation detail of Chromium/Android but this is what they’ve done:

  1. If there are multiple text inputs in a form, send a Tab event instead of Enter for all but the last input element
  2. If enterkeyhint is set, send Enter no matter what. (even if it’s enterkeyhint=“next” :thinking:)

Android emulator +

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The attempted fix is in Beta .

@RyanW Can you try this out on Beta? (or anyone with a phone that has the problem)

Android emulator + ?

I thought it was only the OP’s phone doing this?

Anyhow, chucking it in Beta and letting someone with the problem phone try it is easier :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It is also broken for me on the main site, but beta works! :tada:


Naw, it’s any Chrome-based browser on Android. In the screen shot, I’m actually reproducing - the focus had moved to the page selector instead of sending a chat.

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Ah well - many more people can test it on Beta then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I would like to point out that the difference between group pages and other pages where the chat box is functional seems to be the existence of embedded lists of group members and such, which have the page number set as a field thay you can select and type the page number. Next ends up advancing the cursor to the page number box lower on the page. Is there any way that the page number box could be eliminated or strictly separated from the chat box?

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble with the beta. (I can’t log in, as it doesn’t recognize my user name)