Unable to submit moves

I am able to successfully create a challenge, but I can’t seem to be able to submit a move using the API. Been trying lots of different things, this is what I believe is my current best attempt. Could someone tell me what I’m missing? I’m not sure about the url and/or data being sent. Thanks a bunch! I know that the game id, move str, and player id are all valid.

def submit_move_to_game(s,access_token,player_id,game_id,move):
    # Even though this is what documentation says, it doesn't work
    #url = 'http://online-go.com/v1/games/'+str(game_id)+'/'+str(move)+'/' 
    url = 'https://online-go.com/api/v1/games/'+str(game_id)+'/'+str(move)+'/'
    r = s.post(url,
               headers = {
                          'Authorization': 'Bearer {}'.format(access_token),
               json = {
                       'game_id': game_id,
                       'player_id': player_id,
                       'move': move,
               allow_redirects = False,

Right now this is what I get back: {“detail”: “Method ‘POST’ not allowed.”}

This is an addition to @apiarian 's script here