Unactionable reports to bot admins

I’ve gotten 2 reports in the post few days through a new (for me) blue triangle notification thing about amybot. Neither of them I have control over - one was that the player was somehow unable to submit a move and one was a report that the automatic scoring had scored the game incorrectly.

The only interaction available to me is to dismiss the report. I think these are just fyi for me and the mods/admins would still do whatever is required to deal with the underlying complaint, if applicable? Like me dismissing the report does not mean that the incorrectly scored game would necessarily go uncorrected?

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The intent of these is that you (as the bot owner) are made aware of this complaint about your bot.

You can dismiss that report when you’ve taken note and done whatever you need to do (if anything).

The reports are still in the moderation queue until you dismiss them, so if an annulment is needed a moderator may get to that.

Perhaps we need a way for bot owners to flag this :face_with_monocle:

The person who originally raised the report already received a notification telling them that we’ve alerted you - you don’t need to follow up with them (although you are welcome to do so).

We’ve tweaked things to work this way to alleviate moderators, and community moderators, having to try to deal with reports about bots where really the only action is going to be “let the bot owner know”.


Out of the two reports so far both have been about site issues that have come up during the bot game, not something about the behaviour of the bot.

I’d definitely be happy to do what I can to reduce the moderation burden from my bot and I’m sure there are cases where the report would be actionable (obviously if the bot was stuck it down and my monitoring hadn’t caught it).


Yeah - I’ve been on the other end of reports, and for some bots, the balance is far more in the direction of “the bot did something weird” than “the site did”.

I kinda suspect that often these are :woman_shrugging: meh there was a glitch.

A problematic thing is when the bot-auto-score is wrong - and you the bot owner can’t currently annul. It’s worth thinking about :face_with_monocle:

I thought that bot games on OGS are not scored by the bot, but by the server’s autoscore?

Yes - that is the problem: there’s nothing a bot owner can do about it when OGS autoscore doesn’t score a bot game properly.

In the (new) situation where a bot-owner receives a report about “this bot score cheated” they can dismiss that, but they can’t fix the game.

Actually, the answer is probably “keep sending score cheating reports about bots to the normal moderation queue, but let bot owners get the other types” :face_with_monocle:

(The common other types are ‘escaping’ and ‘stalling’, which are typically bot malfunctions)

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It sounds like if the bot owner dismisses the report quickly, then other moderators won’t ever see it?

[Not my problem – I’m neither running nor playing against bots – just curious about how this works.]

Yes - that would be the intention: the bot owner can dismiss the report - presumably because they have taken whatever action necessary to deal with the bot-glitch that caused the report.

In this situation, there’s no need for a moderator to see the report.

As observed, the one time when a moderator does need to see the report is if the game needs to be annulled - I’m pondering the most productive way to handle this (as I said, I think it’s going to be "send bot-score-cheating reports to moderators, other types to the bot owner).

The other report I got was for the human player being unable to make a move in the game. That also needs attention from the site admins, not bot owner.

New report: your site is bugged and bad wtf this game is terrible. Linked to a game where the human player was black and they timed out, never making a move.

Yeah - this is the sort of thing we have to deal with.

By all means just dismiss it if there’s no constructive action to be taken.

If you think there’s a user that needs moderation attention, and you are willing to do it, by all means raise a report on that person, but don’t feel obliged to do that.

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