Unbind "Analysis" hotkey please (Free F5!)

Miniscule thing but it’s ever so annoying.

Can someone please delete the F5 keybind for the “analysis” hotkey? I need that to refresh pages.

Does that even need a hotkey at all?


I use analysis all the time and didn’t even know about that hotkey. So I don’t need it it seems.

Yes, and F5 seems superfluous since the arrow keys already bring up the analysis mode as well.

And for those who have analysis disabled (like me) it’s just like F5 is broken! :smiley:


I believe the original reason why we had these is because we had someone who said these were keys used by the KGS review system and that some folks would miss them. I have no idea how many people use or even know about them though… I’m fine with removing them or making them optional: https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/blob/devel/src/views/Game/Game.tsx#L2387-L2396 is the applicable code that would need to be toggled on/off if we were going to make it optional (which is probably what we should do just for those that know about them and use them, if those people exist?)


Turn it off and don’t hold your breath for any angry users who demand it back.


Just onething from a professional Web-Dev Never Change browser Functionality with something that is completely different.
Using F5 for your own version of a refresh fine.
Using scrolling for your own version of scrolling Fine.

Disabling an established shortcut like F5 brings you the angry users.

Best would be a user selected Shortcut for the feature.


OK f5 (and all the other function keys for that matter) have been released from our grasp :slight_smile:


I wonder if we have the “analysis” hotkey now?

You should probably read OP again.

If for some reason you can’t click the ‘analyze game’ button, you can hit the [←] or [→] key.

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Well, they are called “hotkey” for a reason, aren’t they?

Arrows have some undesired side effects in comparison to F1
That is why I used F1

I used to do analysis by pressing ESC + F1 and it worked great for me.
I think some users, like me, may still want to have hotkeys.
How about replacing F keys with some other?

what side effects do arrow keys have???

if you press <- it will remove last stone
if you press -> it will add next stone of the current branch if any
didn’t you know?

Time for topic closure.

Isn’t that exactly what you want when you’re analysing something? to either take or add stones?

When I analyse I usually want to get to the original state by pressing ESC
And then start analysis from that position. I used to do it with F1, which is close to ESC btw.
Well, I know that I can get to the same state I used to get by pressing ESC and F1 but now its not that convenient for me
That is all what I mean

I think hotkeys are useful thing and should be added back though binding F5 is probably bad idea…

So you used to press two buttons close to each other, and now it has changed to… Two buttons close to each other?

Sometimes its easier to create chrome extension than convince people…

Ok I’ll make this a setting I think so folks that want it can have it