Undo Move button

If you place a stone and decide that you want to cancel the move, you can’t, you have to click on the |< which puts you into Analyze mode. If you click on >| you recover your move but remain in Analyze mode. You must click Back to Game.

The fact that one wants to undo the move does not mean one wants to Analyze. It could mean there was a misclick (something extremely possible playing on a handheld device) or change of mind and want to think more.

What happens if Analyze mode is shut off? I don’t have access to such a game. Is it impossible to undo the move or is there a way to do it?

Suggest there there should be an Undo Move button.

You just click elsewhere then.
Also, in such games you still can move backwards, and then <escape> to the current status again.

<edit> Oh, and I think I remember that in such cases just clicking the same point again removes the placed stone. </edit>

Assuming this is in a correspondence game where you need to “submit move,” it is possible to just reclick on the stone you are about to space to cancel the move, or alternatively you can click where you actually want the stone to go, as @trohde said.

If you click anywhere else it just moves the stone, and clicking on the stone again or on any occupied spot for that matter removes it.

Admitadely I am a little confused, so might be my response is a little out of place, but
after some careful deducing I assume you all are talking about how to change a move before sumbitting it (when submit mode is turned on). In which case just clicking elsewhere changes it…

But just to entertain the possibility or help those who find this thread after looking for a simple undo after misclicking (and single click submit mode is on) the button is here: (may be labeled differently based on your language settings)

Your opponent has to accept such an undo (because it is your fault so to say), so if it’s a correspondence you have to wait until he logs on, or it may be declined alltogether. It is also probably a good practice to apologize/explain in chat.


To add just a small addition to a well-responded thread:

On top of what @Adam3141 has said, another reason to discuss your desire and reason for requesting an undo in the chat is that apart from this, there is no record kept that the request was made. When focused on the board, it is entirely easy to not notice an undo request and once you’ve made your move, it disappears forever.

EDIT: One may conceive the idea that making the undo request either more obvious or forced interaction would resolve this, but in my mind such a solution would not be worth the griefing door it would open up.

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The Undo you are discussing (not the same as original post) might be a good new topic. If player A requests an Undo and opponent B plays thereby wiping out the first request what can happen next? B could request an Undo before A plays. Then what? Could A request Undo again?

Suggest that an active Undo request should block move by opponent until he refuses or agrees.

How should clocks be managed?


I think this is a good idea. Usually what happens is I’ll request an undo an my opponent will miss it, then I have to ask in the chat, -then- we both have to undo. This solution would really help, especially in games that the players don’t speak the same language.

I already addressed this in this idea in the post above.

It would also potentially create a new technique–a blizzard of undo requests–by which a troll could disrupt a game. Right now, if a troll tried that, the requests could just be ignored.

Not so, there’s no need for an endless battle. KGS handles it; an Undo request can get one of three replies: Undo, Don’t Undo, Never Undo.


That seems like a good solution!

“once you’ve made your move, it disappears forever.”

So it does not appear in the SGF of the game?
If an Undo is requested and granted, can either player then request an undo (indeed, undos all the way back to the beginning of the game)?

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yes, undos can be “chained”

Good idea! Too bad you didn’t mention it before; it would have saved us both a reply.

Correct. I would prefer it begin a new branch as we see variations in analyse / review but as it stands it completely overrides the main tree with no evidence there was ever an undo request or what move was undone.

Oh, so all you said here is that if an undo is requested and player moves before responding to that request, it gets wiped out. But could the first player still request an undo again, say before he plays his next move?

If I had imagined there’d be arguments against an obviously good idea in open court, I’d have prepared my case completely in advance and addressed everything in opening statements. Plus, isn’t it a good idea to give folks the chance to be creative and solve intricate design issues on their own…stronger buy in when they think it’s their own idea? :wink:

Anyway, if there’s serious interest in working some changes to the Undo, it ought to be moved into a separate topic … My original post was about a different sort of “undo” - pre-submission. I knew that clicking on a different point would change the move but not that clicking the same point twice would undo/reverse/cancel the move.

Not as you have described. The first player no longer has the most recent move, so the best player 1 has available is to plead their case in chat and hope the player 2 undoes their latest move. If and only if this happens does player one again have the option of requesting an undo (which can still be denied) but I theoretically both players can take turns undoing moves to remove the whole game one step at a time.

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