Undo never received

You see I’ve been using my tablet to play Go since I have no other option but I always misclick and my opponent never gives me my undo. It’s so infuriating, the moderators have to get together and find a way to solve this problem.

Your opponent is under no obligation to grant an undo.

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It’s not really a problem your opponent isn’t obligated to accept your undo request, That’s for them and them alone to decide.

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I’m not sure a misclick is a right. It’s a favor granted by your opponent.

Are you aware of the submit option?

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Tip: ask in game chat if it’s ok for your opponent if you undo BEFORE clicking undo request, changes that he/she accepts that request is a lot higher that way.

And as saxmaam said, if you go to your settings on left panel you can start using “submit move” in all games, that is nice way to eliminate misclicks. (takes about 1 second longer to play each move, so take that into notice if you play very fast blitz games)


Also, people playing on phones or tablets may not notice the undo request at all. Especially phones

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Yeah I was just pretty infuriated by the misclick since that had made me lose the game, But now if you think about it there are many reasons why your opponent won’t accept your misclick. Thanks guys i appreciate it.

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