Unfair banishment

A player was able to read a message I wrote on the chat (in game) WHILE I had blocked him to read my messages.
So, he used a non legal way to read it.
Moreover, he made me banished from chat, and I can’t say"hi" or whatelse to other players.

Who did that ?

Who is the modo who banished me ? … For an Unfear reason !!!

Anyone can read the words in your game chat, words that i cannot copy here and i fully understand that a mod may ban you (from chat) for these. Even it’s a way to talk you promote in your old profile.
Answering as a forum user, you should debate directly with the mods anyway, not trying to change it in a public case.
You need to agree with the TOS and if you have problems with a player, not use these words in a (public) chat but ask a mod for help.


There are 3 options when you block someone:

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If you checked “Ignore chats and private messages” then you can’t read his in-game messages, but he can read yours.


I didn’t knwo that a player I had blocked from my messages could read them.
By the way, I don’t find this very fear !
About, mods, I sent them a message, but no answer for now.
Thanks for your answel anyway.
I will write my message to remember in “personnal messages”, while I have notice they can be read too !!!

A game chat is public.

Children, newcomers here, people with different culture and background, mods, even me…

You have to respect the TOS there.

That’s not the first reason to me but anyway if i can help we can take it in private from here, i will gladly have a discussion on this using private message in this forum.

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BTW I corrected the title Unfear → Unfair (I guess this is what the OP intended to say, if not please change it again).

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Right, that’s not the first reason, but it is the reason who involved the actual situation.

Thanks, :slight_smile: