Unhiding the real name on my profile

I have a problem setting up my real name. If I try to input my name, uncheck “Hide real name” and hit save, after reloading it turns back to be hidden. I can’t understand this behaviour, can you help me?

It might be something in my profile like privacy settings and such, or it could be I’m using simplified Chinese characters, or it is simply a bug.

I appreciate your help. Thx in andvance.


I just tried that too and after I refreshed it says hidden when I am using English so it isn’t a language bug.

I had the same problem a few months ago. It is a bug and it is the same no matter what you put there. A mod couldn’t help me with it either. At the time I was just told that it was a bug and would be hard to get attention for it.


I have the same problem