Unintentional game started

Today suddenly a game showed up that I cannot explain. It cannot be a challenge that I accepted, because I did not accept any challenges recently.
Given the rank of the opponent it cannot be a game that I created, because the opponent ranking is way to high for challenges that I created. Also, for the challenges that I created recently I indicated that I wanted to be black and I am white for this game. My opponent made one move.
Game details: black: adlai (9k), white: mmhmjanssen (18k). Remaining time: black 3 days, white 2 days 22h.

Very strange. Is it possible that 2 or more games are started after a single challenge? I think this happened to me some time ago.

I also would like to know if there is any impact on my rating if I cancel such a game.

Hi, it looks like you were challenged on the Site 13x13 Ladder. Everyone who joins a ladder is able to be challenged for their position on the ladder. If you cancel this game, you will lose your position in the Ladder to your opponent, and you will occupy a lower position. I believe your rating will be affected, too, although a moderator may be willing to annul that for you.


Ladder and tournament games affect the rating the same as every other “normal” game.

If you cancel it, it shouldn’t affect your rating.
It will still count as loss in the tournament or ladder, but not for the rating.

You should be able to leave the ladder of you aren’t interested in it anymore


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