Unlimited time per move

I really want to create games with unlimited time per move. I’ve timed out of almost every game I’ve played. I get busy and neglect them. My opponents are fine with me taking a long time because I only play people that I’m friends with in real life. The only annoying part of this situation is that the site doesn’t let us finish a game. :\

If I called a moderator, could they restart my games?

You can choose “no time limit” as your timesetting when you make the challenge, you also can fork any game you want and sent the board structure as a starting position to your friend.

PS, do you mind starting game with me, i too like really slow paced games :wink:


Thank you! You mean the “None” setting under “Time Control” right? I didn’t know what “Fischer” meant, so I figured I wouldn’t care about the rest of the menu options and never opened that menu. :stuck_out_tongue:

Our ranks are… ridiculously far apart, but sure, why not!

Heads up, though, games will still end after a week or three. (I’ve never bothered to actually time it, but I’ve had every neglected no-time-limit game end in annulment, with the nominal winner as the last player to make a move.)

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