Unmarked territory couldn't be fixed [resolved]

I tried to mark my territory in this game:

but it didn’t work.

The timer said I had 13 min to decide if I accepted the outcome, so I googled for about 60 seconds, and suddenly it said “black wins”. Clearly white won that game.

This seems like a big bug - first, the fact that territory wasn’t recognized, second the fact that it said I had a long time to decide but it just ended the game.

If there is a way to have a moderator fix the game please let me know! And if there’s a way to manually mark territory please let me know!

There is a hole in n12, it was impossible to count that territory.
I am going to annul that game.


The borders between Black and White must be completely closed, otherwise the contiguous territory from the open border is not scored, per the rules of go.

The scoring clock has been unreliable for a long time.

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Thank you for your responses & for annulling the game! Very helpful, I appreciate it!