Unmute (and find) a muted topic

I want to find a topic i muted before. How to do?

I can only find it with the search if i know some exact part of the title, the search includes muted topics.
Is there a way to display all the muted topics when i don’t remember exactly the title?



click on looking glass
find topic
unmute it (by clicking on muted and selecting another option)

If you remember what it’s about, open the forums in an incognito tab, without being logged in. It shows everything.
ETA of course it doesn’t show lounge.

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@Allerleirauh’s post above shows how to find a list of all of the topics that you have muted.

Here is a shortcut directly to that link being pointed to: https://forums.online-go.com/latest?state=muted


Exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks (and @Allerleirauh)
thanks for other contributions too

The way to go is far from being obvious

Get to your profile
Click your icon, then click the little man symbol.

Select preference
Select category
Finally select the tiny link display associated to the mute “category”


You can also search for a term (that is not in the title of the topic but in the topic itself) and find it (although you get more results).


What do you mean by that?