Unselect unread topics (on a mobile phone)

When you have a long list of unread topics, instead of going through it and wait to have read all what is interesting for you and then use the mark all as read,

It will be convenient to be able to check and mark as read all the topics you don’t want to read.

Kind of basic functionality like in many mailbox.

Does this help you a bit?
This allows you (in a limited way) to manage your “incoming post”.
Not ideal I admit.

That’s not what I ask. Please reread the topic.

I want each time you have a list of topics (recent, unread, in a category etc…) You have a toggle at the top “select” then you select what you want and then you can make a collective action, like put all unread or read or move to or …

Are you talking about managing this view (list of “Unread” topics)?

Does the “Dismiss” button in the bottom-right help with what you want to do?

If not, what exactly are you looking for?

See my edit. With any list of topics we should be able to select some of them for a global action.

The most useful to me is to not have to go through in an exhaustive way all the interesting ones before I can hit the button mark all as read

That makes discourse very primitive

You can select them by clicking the “hamburger menu” (three squares and three lines) in the top-left.

might not be possible to do this on mobile interface

Well I just missed a few weeks and it’s a real hassle to have first to check all the good, not mentioning that some more contributions may appear in between. That’s something that regular users may miss as they keep checking new threads

It’s not first thing I don’t like in discourse, maybe not the best choice from the OGS team (like the 99% isolation from the main site).

I use WeChat, Yandex mail who have that kind of basic functionality and more (direct translation…). I am just thinking of convenience with the most basics.

I want to select them 1 by 1 (but together)

Another work-around is to clear the bad ones first (and optionally set those as “normal” or “muted” as suggested by @Atorrante above, if you don’t want them coming back).

My post was showing how to select them one-by-one in order to form a subset selection…

Idea is to not have to open each of them to do it ( meaning delays, having to scroll down if there are many posts, now back, all each time) just click.

Like in a mailbox you have 300 messages so first put the uninterested somewhere, the I want to read later somewhere else and then start to read what you want.

I know this is a minor improvement for regulars who jump on any new topic or answer. Besides my break I m thinking to the new one coming here

1. Click on the “Hamburger Menu” to enable item-by-item selection

2. Select individual topics that you want to dismiss

3. Click on the “Dismiss” button in the bottom-right


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How do you get these white squares?

Is it a missing functionality on a mobile phone maybe?

Yes, that seems to be the case

Well at least ppl with desktop or laptop are fine with that.

Note: changing through the hamb. menu or through the browser itself from mobile to desktop view don’t change anything, the “select” button and the cases to coach don’t appear either. My guess it’s something hard coded in the cookies…

If you click on dismiss, all unread topics are marked as read. No need for the checkboxes if you want to mark all as read.

I know I just want to not wait to read all first so to do my own selection which seems not possible on a mobile. I know how to mark all, that’s not my request.