Unsent game chat gets moved to the next game

When I am typing a message, and then get suddenly teleported to the next game (when it’s my turn), my message comes with me.

Therefore, sometimes I accidentally hit send and send a completely different person my message.

I appreciate that my message is not lost to the void, but there are very few situations where I would want to send the same message to the next person.

I can recommend a few different fixes, not sure which is best:

  • Don’t teleport when there are unsent messages in the chat
  • If you do teleport, clear the message box (this will be annoying, but less confusing)
  • for the above, perhaps it is possible to cache the unsent message in the chat box for the previous game
  • flash a pop up notification (“you are about to be teleported, click here to cancel”)
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Thanks. I do like the auto-advance (there’s the word I’m looking for!) feature. I just don’t like my unsent chat messages getting advanced as well.

In fact, this isn’t actually a bug with auto advance, it’s just a bug with advancing with an unsent chat.


Could you explain how this happens?
Usually you are moved to another game when you play a move or if you click on the circled number on top right of the screen.
Both these are intentional.
So I don’t understand how this could happen while you’re writing.


It is possible (at least in the past, if it has already been fixed) to be teleported away if your opponent triggers your conditional move.


@yebellz got it. I noticed the bug when I had no moves to make (i.e. no black notification dot) and then a correspondence opponent made a move.

It is also possible to be teleported if I am waiting to get auto-matched.

EDIT: Conditional moves do not trigger the auto-advance anymore as far as I can tell.