Unwanted tournaments problem

Every month I find myself entered for a Monthly correspondence tournament I did not want or enter. It does not show on my list of events. Have I triggered some automatic feature, how do I stop this?

Can you give a link to the tournament?

No, I cannot click on it as it does not show in my list of events. I just keep finding a list of new games starting for an event I did not enter.

Could it be new rounds of older tournaments?
If you have the game link it would help, we don’t necessarily need the tournament link.

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I think I see the problem!

That game belongs to this tournament

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I have sorted it now, thanks


FWIW, you’re still in 27 ongoing tournaments, any one of which could begin a new round at any time.

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And by the way I think you resigned the games, not the tournament, so next round you will get games again.