Upcoming new book on the 50 AlphaGo self-play games!

Hi all,

After three months of hard work, I’m excited to announce that I will be publishing a new book on the 50 AlphaGo self-play matches, which were released this May! The book is written originally in Chinese and currently on sale in Taiwan, but I look forward to doing some translations and rolling out an English version too. For those who can read Chinese, the official name of the book is “阿爾法圍棋狂想曲”, which translates to “AlphaGo Fantasia” (which sounds cool, but I will likely finalize the English name later. :slight_smile: We are most thankful for all the positive support from our fellow Go friends, including Dr. Aja Huang, who shared the news of our Chinese version release on FB.

This book is a product of collaboration, together with Kang-ting Yeh (葉罡廷) 7d and Keng-ping Lin (林耕平) 6d, two of the strongest & most prolific amateur Go teachers in Taiwan. It is written in a conversational format with a rather lighthearted and casual tone, as we observe AlphaGo’s unconventional moves and our own stories. Even though the book does not offer a 100%, complete analysis on every single move in these 50 games, we try our best to find the most interesting parts, as well as the most useful bits that can be applied in our own games. Therefore, this book is not a collection of doctrines, but rather one of discussions!

We are still currently working to make the Chinese version a continued success; meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns about the book, feel free to reach out! Thank you so much!

Cheers, Xiaocheng (Stephen) Hu, "xhu98"
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/alphago50/


Looking forward to the translation!


Wow, awesome.
Do you already have some price estimate for the translated book? Just to know how much I need to start saving :slight_smile:

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pls. let us know when the english version is available! i ll be sure to get a copy :nerd:.


sounds great. I’ll look forward to it.

Where’s the preorder page for the English version? Or Kickstarter or GoFundMe page, or whatever?

And I need an option to have my copy signed. Please.

And will there be a special collector’s edition with Soundtrack? I WANT THAT ALSO! :smiley: