Update correspondence rank


Don’t know if this is the right place for this but…

I haven’t really played correspondence games, so my correspondence rank is lagging a lot. Would it be possible to update this to approximately reflect my live rank?




Thanks :slight_smile:

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Same here x: I haven’t been playing correspondence for a long time, could you update it for me as well? Sorry for the trouble.

:sparkles::sparkles: Done too! :sparkles::sparkles:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Why are they even different?

Lets say you have 0 correspondence games but rank is X
Why not make your correspondence rank to equal you rank X and adjust it differently only when you have played super-slow games.

myAccount: That is exactly what happens.

My rank was 25k so they set my correspondence rank equal to my rank.

That was fine. Then I play loads of live game but no slow games and my rank became 12k but correspondence rank stayed at 25k.

Haha yeah, it happened to me too. Sometimes blitz ranking isn’t the same as the live ranking because of the player’s effiencieny when under time trials. Blitz is intense, live is normal in my opinion and correspondence is slow. :slight_smile:

But you can always ask the moderator to update it for you.

I ask too - I’ve finished a little correspondence/blitz, could you update thier rank? Thanks :smiley: