Update to stone removal phase abandonment in live games

Hello All,

I’ve implemented a change to the way stone removal phase works if your opponent leaves the stone removal acceptance screen before mutually accepting the score. Note this only applies to live games, not correspondence games.

Now, if your opponent leaves before accepting, they will automatically be marked as accepting whatever score you accept. If you both leave without accepting, the auto-score will kick in and automatically score the game, for better and worse.

Please let me know if you run into troubles with the new system.


you mean instantly?
so if someone can’t open 2 windows at the same time and goes to chat for help with seki that opponent marks dead, they suddenly will accept?


This is a “rule” anyhow: if you have a live game in progress, you have to leave a tab open with it in it.

You should never “leave” live games.

If you don’t leave live games, then this change won’t affect you, since you didn’t leave the game.

(I guess)


There’s about a 5 second forgiveness, but it’s pretty quick.

Also you can always open 2 windows, so long as you have a window open on the game you’re fine. If you close the game out though then that’s when the system will kick in. (Also if you go back to the game before your opponent has accepted, that’s fine too)


This sounds really strict for a rule that’s not advertised much. People can have internet issues, and on mobile, I’m not even sure how to keep a tab open and active while checking something else.

Can we at least have warning popups if they try to navigate away?


Keep in mind this is not a “You will resign”, this is a, “Your opponent has control over scoring”, and they are still responsible for correctly scoring the game. If they purposefully cheat, that’s abuse and you should report it to a moderator.

Internet issues are certainly a thing, but your opponent shouldn’t have to wait for you to come back online to move things along.

As for phones, so long as you don’t specifically close the browser or tab, you should be fine. If you switch to a different task, the connection will remain open and this change won’t apply.


Also, in the scenario where your opponent “has control”, they already selected the score while you were there. You elected to leave after they selected the score. They only have 5 second to monkey around if they notice your disconnect.