Updating AGA Rating Linkage

I don’t know how it looks on the back end, but since the new AGA site overhaul, obviously a pitfall of that is all the AGA ratings players linked are effectively dead. All deadlinks.

Something long-term will likely have to be done, but that will likely come a while after we think the website overhaul is fully completed. But at a least a temporary (maybe easy?) solution is as such: the AGAGD is still fully functional, it has just been archived. Fixing ALL linked accounts (and allowing for new ones) can be as simple as CTRL-H’ing (or whatever’s the equivalent for replace) “https://agagd.usgo.org/player/” with “https://agagd.usgo-archive.org/player/” in whatever block(s) of code handle this function. Could potentially be a 2 minute fix, or if it’s more involved, simple and derived from that. I thought this was a great feature and it was sad to see it dead! I hope it’s that easy to resolve!


Here you go. It may be a few days before it gets merged to the main site.


This is live now


Thanks for putting it into action so fast! I have no clue how lol


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