Upload games for AI analysis


Is it possible to upload a game to OGS played elsewhere and submit is for AI analysis? I think that would be a nice reward for supporters. Just a suggestion. Thanks!


Yep it should work, I haven’t tested it extensively yet so let me know if you run into any issues. To do this, upload to your library, open the game, and click the full analysis button.


I gave it a try, uploading an SGF file of one of my games from Fox. It shows me the top-3 moves, but not the full analysis even though I’m a site supporter.


Even if you click the “Full AI Review” button? Can you shoot me the link to the game so I can see if I can figure out what’s going on?


I don’t see the option for full AI review on this game. Thanks for checking into it.


Shoot ok, I think I know what’s wrong. I’m traveling right now, I’ll fix it up ASAP when I get back - in the mean time I kicked off a review manually for you for that game

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