Upload with server error 500

第26屆本因坊決賽 林海峰(黑)石田芳夫(白).sgf (1.3 KB)


I wouldn’t have thought it should be an issue, but it may be the Chinese characters.
Please try translating all the fields into English translations (sorry)

Below I put in dummy text in all the fields and it was able to upload.


@anoek pretty big bug here, upload to games library doesn’t have full support for UTF-8 characters

I submited an issue over at GitHub for this.

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I am not sure the Chinese characters are encoded in UTF-8 (Unicode), maybe GB for simplified Chinese. Now I have 48 Rin Kai Ho’s famous games to upload, it’s time consuming to remove all the Chinese characters.

Note that all of BW-GO, Grid Master, Hectar Go (SGF editors) can open them successfully, but only Hectar Go shows those characters correctly with no garbling.