Urge to resign all games

I decided to go into vacation mode for one or two days. Still playing moves in a few games today, but I don’t feel pressed to make decisions right away. And so I’m leaving the more complicated situations for tomorrow.


I have to admit that sometimes I consider it, but I never did it yet.


Why did you bring this up. Now I want to resign all my games


I will say that when I started resigning the first couple of games, I immediately began to regret it, but since I was resigning games I wasn’t necessarily losing in (I don’t think too many were that far in that I would say I’m winning) I just had to keep going with it.

I think on the one hand it felt good to have no moves to play for a while. Having your rating nose-dive doesn’t feel great but I think I’ve gotten it to bounce back (4kyu down to 8kyu and back up now to 5.5kyu).

The less extreme version is definitely this

and it seems like maybe even if people are non-site supporters and you haven’t used vacation recently and haven’t signed up too recently you can nearly take like a month off from playing :slight_smile:

I probably should’ve thought about vacation time in retrospect, but seeing a clear games list was also nice for a while :slight_smile:

I never felt the urge to resign them all. But at some point in the past i felt the need to reduce the number of correspondence games i was playing. So i just kept playing without looking for or accepting new games.

As a side note, i once was playing a correspondance game with a friend. We were sitting next to eachother and since he was a beginner i was trying to discuss the moves. Every time i submitted a move to my friend’s game the website brought me to the next correspondence game. Unfortunately there was this player with which i had a correspondance game that was also answering my moves rapidly. So i was trying to explain my friend how awesome go is and hoping to get his addiction to the game going, but the site kept switching to the other player’s game. So i resigned that game😅
Maybe a drastic decision, but i was too excited to play with a friend of mine (something that a go player doesn’t experience that often).


Why did you keep on making moves in that game, if you wanted to concentrate on that other game with a friend?

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You are always sent to the next game with a pending move as soon as you tap the “send move” button. (I was playing a correspondence game with my friend so that time limit wasn’t an issue)

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Just curious, nothing more.
And I sometimes realise how forceful that move indicator can be :grin:

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That’s up there on the addiction list with chocolate and potato chips for me!

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Only if you don’t change the settings. :upside_down_face:

Under “Game Preferences” there’s a box named “Auto-Advance to next game after making a move”, where you can turn this off.



Then surrendering that game was definitely too inpulsive!
Thanks for the hint;)


You’re welcome.

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I finally decided to pull the plug on correspondence today and resigned all of my games. While it felt really awkward while I was doing it, I now feel like my shackles have finally been removed.

My rank dropped from 13k to 18k, but it’ll bounce back. It was probably a little inflated anyway because I live in analysis mode while playing correspondence. That’s one of the things that really annoyed me; I felt like I couldn’t make a move until I’d tried out every variation I could think of. I know it was my own fault, but I just couldn’t stop.


If you enjoyed to analyze, why not? Go is not always about progress and “attitude”…

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