Usage of Voice Effects

I’m not sure if this the right place to put this question, but I will ask it anyways. Is there any issue from a copyright or usage perspective if I were to use some of the voice effects from OGS (like the effect saying “you have won” etc) to put as sound bites in a podcast? Just want to make sure I’m not violating any rules/laws. Thanks in advance!


The sounds used by OGS can be found in the GitHub repo.

However, the LICENSE file in the parent “assets” folder specifically notes:

The files in this directory are not covered by the AGPL license, they may have
each their own license and should not be used outside of the
context without more research.

Perhaps, @anoek could clarify what license they might be available under, or what source they come from.


The English voices were hired professionals. Is this a one time thing or are you looking for something you can use again and again?


I was hoping to use just three of the voice clips “game started” and “you have won” and “taking 5 stones” for sound bites in a podcast over and over. Any way for me to use these?

If it’s repeated use Foley then I’m afraid not, I don’t want sound bites we use to become generic.

However I’ll note that the service I used for all of those different actors was , most artists are quite reasonably priced, within the range of a dinner for two kind of thing.


Maybe I can give a little more clarity and you can confirm whether it’s still not right which I will totally respect.

I wanted to simply have the “game started” effect play at the beginning of an episode and then “you have won” play at the end of an episode and then have the “take 5 stones” maybe once or twice during episode to break up the content.

My podcast is really about spreading the interest of Go and having these sounds from OGS would be a great way to connect people back to using OGS which I use exclusively. I could even cite OGS in episode notes.

Let me know if any of this clarification makes it feel permissible. Thanks again!