User blocking because of losing too many times is hilarious

Just thought I’d like to share this amusing trend and probably unintended but apparently second use of blocking users from accepting games. Not because of toxic or abusive chat or any unsportsman-like behaviour whatsoever, but because they’re a spoilsport about having a terrible win rate against you. XD. Guess instead of improving oneself, it’s easier to deny reality and limit your play circle to only play against those you can win against enough eh?

P.S. there’s such a thing as rank limiting during matching. Also, equal ranked players do this as well so it’s not rank bullying FYI.

Not everyone is mature and sportsmanlike enough to indirectly brag and denounce other players on a public forum. Many just choose the quiet and private option to not play someone again, which no one else would otherwise notice.



Unfortunately I couldn’t choose to not play them again because I was blocked. Bragging also would include a nice long list of name but you don’t see that here. Perhaps a dictionary look up is in order instead of trying to paint someone in a light that is non-existent.

Very well, let’s try analogy and assume the blocking was indeed merely based on match outcomes (which I can’t check, because you played the games you’re referring to either on a different account or a different server).

Imagine you had a friend who’s got a child. Said child plays Go, and you play him. He seems to be a little bit weaker than you and you beat him a few times in a row. The kid up and leaves. You then have a chat with his father: “I’m sorry to say, but your kiddo has a very weak fighting spirit. I beat him again and again and now he doesn’t want to play me anymore. Hilarious.”

Do you still see yourself as the hero here?

A little compassion goes a long way.

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It’s possible that the other person thought you might be a sandbagger or a smurf.

Ultimately, though, it’s their recreation time, and they decide how and with whom they spend it. If they don’t enjoy playing against or with you, they can choose to not spend time with you. They wouldn’t have that option in a tournament, but if it’s not a tournament, it’s just a recreational activity.

I understand that getting blocked may not feel great, but on the flip side, it works both ways and you won’t have to spend time with someone who doesn’t want to play with you, which to me would feel awkward. It’s a good outcome for both sides, I feel.


There’s also the assumption that everyone here is trying to get stronger. Go isn’t a sport for everybody.

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