User Categorization and/or Censorship

User Categorization or Censorship feature

It is unfortunate that there are some kinds of behavior we’ve had our fill of long ago in another place and time. Others endear themselves in sudden and unique ways. I for one would rather not maintain a list or have to remember the userid and infraction. The one I had at KGS with multiple categories was too much work and reached buffer overflow.

OGS appears to have two categories: Friend and Blocked. I am not sure how to find Help/FAQ so I don’t know exactly what Block does.

The KGS censor feature is easy but one can forget why an offender was condemned. After a while you might play them using a different account and decide to grant clemency. Other times that proves to be a mistake and then you remember exactly why you blacklisted them. Also, KGS lets you tag a user as a Buddy, Teacher, Fan (i.e., fan of this user)

DGS implemented a Contact List including User Categorization. As of 2014 the categories are:

Buddy, Friend, Student, Teacher, Fan, Troll, Site Crew, Miscellaneous.

Several action settings are available to apply to a user, most likely one you’d flag as a Troll:

Hide waitingroom games, Protect waitingroom games, Reject messages, Reject invitations, Hide forum posts (silly…if you think a lady’s ankle is X-rated, don’t look.)

The categories of Trolls I’d consider useful and pretty inclusive would be Escaper, Sandbagger, Poor Sportsmanship, F—ing A—hole.

The OGS community will probably have its own preferences for categories of users and what restrictions might be applied - with highest likelihood - to trolls is a subject for discussion and consideration of development resources and design constraints.


Ogs has a censorship feature which is block. I personally feel it’s self explanatory. You can block their messages or you can block them from playing you or both at the same time.


I think having a “User Categorization” would be pretty cool tbh. You could also use it for searching a certain group of people you have tagged when using the search bar.

For example I would tag @Kaworu_Nagisa, @mark5000, @VincentCB. As teachers then when I go to the search bar and type in teachers they will pop up.

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Extremely interesting idea.
You should post in on uservoice and rally a support for it.


I might add that being able to see the list of blocked users would be useful. Sometimes you even forget you blocked them at all.

It is also possible that you may want to revisit the list, to see if any of them has been redeemed in your eyes, or any other personal reason.


As best as I can tell, there is no way to see a list of all users is there? If there were it would be easy enough to identify users by their status. Having to remember who you block is a little more trouble than remembering why you blocked them.

I looked through all the menus and did not find Uservoice. This forum OGS Development “is for discussion of existing and new features”. Uservoice is not even at this site, it’s URL is What sense does it make promoting a suggestion for OGS at a site that, as best as I have determined so far, this site does not mention or provide a link to? Is there a list here of the Ideas there that are being voted on?

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No all idea go to uservoice. You can find the link in the about section of the dropdown menu


I don’t understand your questions.
Uservoice is a platform used by OGS developers to help determine a user demand for features and improvements. Of course, there are several other ways how to suggest improvements and features.
There is a list of the ideas on that site. You can sort them according to several criteria, search through them, vote on them &c.


Sounds like a nice option… I’d vote for it.

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I think that it would be much simpler and more flexible to attach a private comment to other users instead of endlessly discussing which categories should be available.

Here is my corresponding uservoice suggestion from April 2015:

Since you do not seem to be aware of how blocking works on ogs: You can independently block a user so you do not see their chat or block them from accepting your challenges. However, this does not stop you from inadvertently accepting their challenges.


If this site made such perfect sense and was so transparent to use, it would not require users who already know everything about how it works to explain to a newcomer how simple, obvious and sensible it is.

I quoted from the site’s description of this forum that it “is for discussion of existing and new features…” and then I’m told “No all idea go to uservoice”. Anyone see a problem there?

Then I’m told that I should realize, in spite of what the forum description says, it is obvious I should have realized to click the main menu, look at About and notice that there is a link called Feature Requests & Suggestions. If I click on that I go to another site where I do not need an OGS account to post an idea. In fact I learn that it is a separate entity with different T.o.S. than OGS. I was able to create an account there as I. Dea ( and am logged in and entered an idea (OGS should use its own forums for this.) It has 1 vote already. :smiley:

After that distraction I’ve forgotten where I was going with this but enough said. I think it is absurd that a user here should need an account somewhere else, a separate site to look at to find out what ideas are being considered for this site when there is a Forum mechanism here that would provide that information but doesn’t. At the last, maybe there should be a forum that tells a user here what ideas have been posted there.

I guess a lot of effort is going into the OGS effort and certain compromises have to be made. But I don’t like getting the feeling that I’m the dope because something that is opaque is not transparent to me.

p.s. I have now deleted my posts and profile at uservoice.


Yes, this forum’s description is that it is “for discussion of existing and new features”. The forum pre-dates the use of uservoice. So it’s really that the forum description is no longer current.

I realize you should not be expected to know this. There is nowhere it is stated.

Anyway, back on topic. I think the idea of user categorization would also be pretty cool.


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I found out how it works. Since I did not know and this site is buggy, I did not want to risk experimenting with it and consigning a friend or stranger to eternal damnation. You can block games or chat and if you don’t keep a separate list or remember, you have no idea who you blocked for what reasons.

Your topic says you want “to attach a short private comment/description to other players, especially friends and ignored players”. My understanding is you want to be able to easily advertise your negative feelings to other players you know? That is the sort of bad-mouthing or poisoning-the-well I would strenuously object to enabling. It has enormous potential for damaging abuse. It makes it too easy to permanently damage another user in a moment of pique.

I’m not interested in creating a billboard where I can advertise my opinions, good or bad; I am suggesting a feature that lets users privately keep track of others that they have singled out for particular treatment, good or bad.

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Wulfenia suggestion also says Private as you can see. The only difference instead of you choosing a tag you insert a comment about them for reference. One that only you can see so im unsure as how it damages the other play at all.

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Read that again, and specifically read the parts I emboldened. Private means readable only to you, as opposed to the common antonym, public.

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I am not sure what you want to tell me with this paragraph. In your original post, you said [quote=“Aten, post:1, topic:10941”]
OGS appears to have two categories: Friend and Blocked.

This gave the impression to me that you did not realize that there are two different independent kinds of blocking people, so I tried to explain it to you. Which indeed has no impact either way on your or my suggestion or anything else nor did I claim that it has.

I bolded the two key-words in this post. I am rather surprised that you could misinterpret a word that you used yourself for exactly the same thing.

I think there is just a little confusion about private vs personal.

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Not really, Aten uses “privately” to describe their own feature as opposite to “creating a billboard”.

Oh, I got the idea that they discriminated between ‘private’ and ‘privatly’, however, reading it again they might just have overlooked the word ‘private’. I’m sorry.