User leaves Go game for Football match


I want to report an user which joined an open challenge of mine and then paused mid-game (Link to game) to watch a football match (he mentioned Uruguay vs England in the chat). I’m fine with people watching football; sometimes I watch football games too, but trying to make an opponent await while you want to do something else is not acceptable in my opinion. If he wanted to watch football, he shouldn’t have started a Go game. We’re human and we make mistakes, it’s understandable that he forgot the match and started a game in an inappropriate moment, and then he recalled the football match and it was more important to him, but then he should have resigned instead, as it was his mistake. I asked him to resign in Spanish (It’s intelligible with Portuguese) but he didn’t reply at all, so I resumed the game and he lost on time due to his mistake and bad behavior.


We completely condone that solution, If your opponent paused the game without your consent and refused to resume, you are well within your rights to resume and allow him to time out.

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Thanks for your reply and your support.

This has been resolved. :smiley:

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