Username based route to user profile page

There are no doubt cases where having the route to a user’s profile page be based on a number makes sense.

However, it prevents other sites linking their users to users here based on the user name.


… on that page, see how Gokibitz can link direct to me on KGS, but not to me here at OGS.

All it needs us a username based route.


The username can change while the id is unique.

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Yes, so if the user changes their name at OGS, they need to change it at other places where it’s referred to.

And of course this is why the id route is needed.

But it doesn’t mean that a username-based route isn’t a good thing. If the user changed their user name, the old route should show a page saying “there isn’t a user here with that name”. Which would be true, and helpful.


Actually, I wonder if it doesn’t already exist or has existed. I remember I had found several times from ogs website links to the uer page using the username. I had that kind of links for a time in my browsing history.
Any hints?


Links are accepted that have the username after the user id, but really what we do is just look at the user id and throw away the rest, so is the same as

I’ve added this as a feature request here: