Username change, one more


I am one of those who landed in here with their email address as their username, and I couldn’t find any way to proceed to the change other than asking here : could someone please change my username, to FrenchFlakito (usually this one’s not taken) or JimmyFarrar ?

Thanks a lot,

(PS: I understand you want to prevent people from changing too often… but then why don’t you:

  • get rid of the “edit username” that appears on the user’s profile?
  • or simply implement a rule that no-one can change more than twice their name?)



Please also log out of the forum and back in to have the change reflected here, too.

Regarding your questions, our devs @matburt and @anoek should be able to answer them, I understand too little of these tech things.

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Thanks a bunch, you rock !

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Hi, could you please change my username to ‘ponpoco’ and set my ranks to 11k? Thanks.


Please log out of the forum and back in to have the change reflected here, too.

And then … enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi trohde, I’m not sure if it worked, since the forum seems to change my username to a number since it was only Japanese characters before. the right username to change is “はい、こちらポンポコ商事です”. Just asking since I didn’t see a change reflected in my profile.

Oh, darn …

Inviting @crocrobot since now it seems that I may have changed the wrong user’s (namely 11122’s) name to “ponpoco” :frowning:

I guess at this point, creating a new username will be an easier solution. It seems that 11122’s account hasn’t really been used anyway, so no worries trohde :slight_smile:

Please wait a little bit, I’m trying to communicate with our demigods about this issue as I’m a bit confused about it (and BTW, meanwhile I’ve found your acct).

OK, now I reverted that other person’s OGS username back to “11122” and “ponpoco” should be available again for you.

Please send me a msg from on the game server so that I can be sure it’s you, then I’ll change your name to “ponpoco”.

The changing of non-Latin script usernames to numbers in the forum software seems to be a problem, though, I’ll warn the other mods about this.