Username Help for a Friend

Hello OGS moderators,

I have been working on getting my IRL friends to join the community. I have a friend looking to start an account. He wants the username Commsman to represent the fact that he works in communications. He is having trouble signing up. The filter is saying that his username might be considered offensive.

Thanks for all that you do to support the community.


Apologies if this is the wrong space.

I just found out that this is a username he has been using for a long time on other servers, so it is really important to him.

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There may be some confusion here. The username in question has already been taken:

However, the account appears to have never been used so maybe @moderators will be able to help by releasing this name. Stay tuned.


I’ve changed the old user’s name. Please ask your friend to try again @GOing2


If he still can’t create with that name, have him put in a random name and link the account here and we’ll switch the name for him


To any mods reading this, my phone is about to die so if further assistance is needed please help on my behalf :slight_smile:


Guess they were OK :stuck_out_tongue:

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I finally got back with my friend. He set up an account with the username GOing2sFriend

If you could help him with his username still, that would be very appreciated.

Hi @GOing2 - I’ve changed your friends name to Commsman as requested
Please let them know the account name is all theirs :slight_smile: