Using Aji and Sabaki to Invade (Samraku, 9k live)

In this game I felt pretty good about the opening, but I’m unsure of my invasion of black’s left side at c6. Was that a good point to invade at? Could I have followed up more effectively or cleanly? Was the timing wrong?

Once black’s reducing group gets cut off it was just reading until black resigned, but the part of the game starting when I played c6 and ending when I cut black off with k10 is what I’m really interested in. I’ll of course welcome comments on any part of the game, but in the interest of maximizing the efficiency of your time, that part of the game is what I’m unsure of. Also, there’s not much anyone who notices a reading mistake of mine can do besides pointing it out and telling me to tsumego, but since I already do tsumego and one specific situation where I misread will be of limited application in future games, I don’t think that’s a good use of your time. :smile:

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply,


Take my comments with some discretion since I’m not even SDK. :smile:

I know there is a typical proverb that you should play away from thickness - yours or someone else’s, really. So isn’t C6 too close? It seems to me that white could cut at someplace like E8 and then either gouge into black’s territory on the left, or cut around and escape if black tries to block white in.

I mean I understand that if an invasion like C6 can work then it would be really effective at destroying black’s moyo. I guess as a DDK player I’m hesitant to see how to do something like that successfully, unless it was to take territory on the right.

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My idea was that black had to spend a move cutting the stone off from my lower left. If he didn’t, I would connect back and be happy with the reduction. Also I had aji in the center around k9 which I hoped I could use. j9 in particular, but I didn’t want to exchange more around there until I knew how black was going to deal with my invasion. So I had a free move and quite a bit of aji to find a way to live or escape.

That reasoning could be wrong, though. Maybe c6 was too close. I’d been eying it since I played b3, so maybe I was unfairly biased towards it.

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You are already surrounded. It takes a lot of moves to be able to live within a territory. There are not enough weaknesses for you to exploit so I would imagine it hard for white to find life. At this point you are already winning and you can keep reducing his territory from the outside. You can then reduce his territory at B5. And although it’s not as good as a working invasion, it is enough to basically get the win.


Ok; that makes sense.

I would say, Black’s E7 is not a good move. Change the sequence, it will show that E7 is improper.

In the above situation, next black will want to place in the position to cut instead of E7.