Using Handicap Stones

I am not a fan of handicap games for absolute beginners without some basic explanation. Because these stones means support for the player but the player dont know how to use it

This is a link of a “lesson” I did last night which have a start of 9 stone handicap game. The variations are not absolute or the joseki chose are not the best but for a beginner till 20 - 19K could be a help.

I will try to continue until 5 handicap. Doesn’t work the same strategy

For questions or further explanation you will find me on OGS NanashiHItori or here on forum. I dont know the frequency of the posts but I will try one on week.


A document where I try to explain in details with example the use of handicap stones

I will upload examples for each type of handicap game
If you have better ideas feel free to complete me. These are my own theories tested in games with the help of Richard Bozulich’s Second book of Go which I advise you all to read it.